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The Ultimate in All Natural Bath, Body , Lotions, Body Creams & Skin Care Quick Select Soap
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Serenity Garden
is Committed to a No Nonsense, Honest and Fair Business. It's very simple; try our products, if your not satisfied with the results, just return them and we will refund your full purchase price plus all postage.
It's as simple as that !

  • All Natural - all our products are all natural, chemical free, healthier for your skin and hand blended in small batches to ensure the quality our customers have come to expect.

  • Selection - we offer a large selection of fragrances and products to choose from.
    Moisturizing Soaps
    Lotions with 10% Shea Butter
    Cocoa Butter Body Cream 25%
    Mango Butter Body Cream 25%
    Night Creams
    Facial Cleansers
    Facial Toners with Vitamin C
    Bubble Bath
    Shower Wash
    Anti-Aging Serum Plus with Retinol
    Bath Accessories
    and more !!!

  • Promptness - we normally ship within 24 hours after receiving your order.

  • Quality - our research department has sampled hundreds of base ingredients to ensure the highest quality products we use  today.

  • Price - we are committed to offering you the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Intensive Therapy Moisturizing Treatment
Aging with Perfection
Renewing Facial Cleanser
Vitamin C Facial Toner
Nourish & Repair Anti-Aging Night Cream
Retinol Plus Serum

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The benefits of all Natural Products:

No Mineral Oil or petroleum
No Propylene
No Harsh Detergents
No Drying SD Alcohol
No Formaldehydes
No Lanolin ( highly allergenic)

All Natural line is People, Earth, Animal and Environment Friendly !
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All Products are Subject to Availability

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Citrus Surprise

Cranberry Crush

Green Tea

Lavender Chamomile

Lemon Delight

Raspberry Blitz

Spa Bar

Calming Woods

Pomegranate Orange

Tropical Dream

Kaolin Clay (white)

Bentonite Clay

Kaolin Clay (rose)

Fuller's Earth

Lemongrass & Sage

White Tea & Ginger

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